Monday, August 08, 2011

The cottage is one step above the surrounding ground and has a small deck attached, we, Kenny, Catherine, Andre and I sat sipping wine and getting a bit tipsy as we watched the flickering flames in the fire ring and seeking a peek at the setting sun through the clouds. The youngsters were tucked in, exhausted from two days of salt, sand and surf, while the Twins were off with new found friends.

Families occupy the other cottages in the compound and the kids gravitated together in play. There were two girls the Twins’ age and the four comprised our teen pack. I noticed when we were on the beach the family groups and the four girls separate from the rest of us. Later afternoon convened a parental summit to discuss the girls’ request to go off on their own for the evening. K & C are cautious parents, perhaps more so than they typical French parent, so they stretched a bit on setting a time for the girls to be back, 22:00, shortly after sunset.

The witching hour was approaching and K & C kept glancing at each other, ah parents, how they forget their own youth. Then with giggles, a screech and more laughter the four entered the compound. Good-byes were said and they returned to their families. The Twins’ propped themselves on the railing and gave a vague but sufficient report on their evening and then changed the subject to food, they were hungry. That was my cue to spring to action as doting aunty. Finished eating the girls went to bed and we finished the wine and retired ourselves. Then I was ravaged by the horny Andre



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