Monday, August 29, 2011

Hannah needed to return to work last week, so Anne Marie and I have had the cottage to ourselves, like old times. Though we talk all the time and hide nothing, but spending long stretches alone together allows the conversation to go deeper and return to a prior spot if one of us thinks of something to add. It is also unvarnished, about each other and our friends; we do so trust each other and value the other’s opinion. She knows what I think about Hannah and I her thoughts of Andre. Where we’ve been critical it is usually been something that we recognized but refused to acknowledge. One thing she told me is how happy she was that I was no longer escorting and that didn’t surprise me, what did is that she had questions about that part of my life. She admits that she was curious.

Andre’s plans for my birthday were a mystery; he arrived Saturday only saying that we would be going out to dinner. He took me to a café in town, that was very good. The staff knew about my birthday and my desert was topped with a candle. After he surprised me by taking me to a small inn, it was all very romantic.



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