Monday, August 15, 2011

Most of last week was spent in Paris taking care of business. On the anniversary of Mom’s death it has been the custom of my siblings to get together by phone to and celebrate her memory, this year was the first time I could be together with one of them for the call. As Kenny and I sat in my office waiting for Grace and Leah to call, we talked about growing up and how each of us viewed the other. As a kid, they never ceased to remind me that I was Mom and Dad’s accident, or as Kenny referred to me when we were kids, their mistake and how that he usually thought of me as a persnickety pain in the ass, who was too smart and observant for her own good. In turn I admitted that I felt that he was stuck up and felt that he believed he was better than the rest of us. Ah the tribulations of growing up. Needless to say we went through a lot of tissue.

When I returned to the cottage on Thursday, Anne Marie and Hannah were packing Buster for a few days camping in the Pyrenees. The mountains call Hannah in a way that the ocean does me and there was a skip in her step as the preparations were made.

With Andre back in Paris working on a commission it was nice to have the place to myself and I luxuriated in the solitude. His having a project means that I probably won’t see him till he finishes or at least is significantly ahead of schedule as he throws himself into his work and ignores most everything else, but he better not forget my birthday.

The days were spent poking through the shops in the nearby town and I filled the basket on my bicycle with the booty. Each day I took a long walk along the beach, playing fetch with Wags as we went. One day the waves were smallish and I put Wags on the long board and paddled out. Those on the beach were amused with a dog hanging ten.



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I would have loved to have seen that. Go wags!

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