Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The party was mostly in one, crowded room. She used her eyes to indicate that I should follow her and I did, excusing myself from the two men who were seeking my attention. Stepping in the hall, she was waiting by a servant’s door beneath the stairs. Reaching her side she glanced back at the room and then took my hand leading me through the door into a short hall which ended at a screen room overlooking the garden. There was a chaise and she had me sit and then pushed me gently on to my back.

Sliding up the hem of my dress she kissed my thighs and then lifted her eyes and with a twinkle said, “Commando,” yes, no underwear. She returned to her kissing and licking and I opened myself to her pulling my legs back to expose myself while she continued to lick, bite and probe. “My ass,” I whispered and obligingly two fingers slid in. An orgasm swept over me with a spasm and then another and then she raised her head again, her lipstick now smeared and her lips and mouth glistening from my juices. I pulled her up and we kissed, but when I started to slide down to return the favor, she stopped me saying that she needed to get back before her husband became suspicious. “We’ll get together soon,” she said and was gone.

For a few minutes I laid there savoring the pleasant afterglow before returning to the party. Our eyes met and her husband took note, before the evening was out I had a message about meeting for lunch, “If you have an afternoon free…” It’s August, I’m on vacation, I am.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yet another American in Paris?? And I'm always envisioning some of this lady's work here too: [Rebecca's Hot Wives]
There's more of it floating around too. Cheers, 'VJ'

4:57 AM  

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