24 August 2011

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My text to Andre was succinct, “I had an interesting evening.”

His reply was equally so, “You had sex with someone a man or a woman”

It would matter to Andre, a woman meant the possibility of a threesome, of the sort he desired. A man threatens him, he believes, though he won’t admit it, that I could, perhaps will leave him for another man, but not for a woman. He doesn’t understand or refuses to recognize that he has it backwards.

“A woman” I replied

Sitting on the deck, enjoying the night air with the surf providing a sound track, I waited for his call and in a few seconds my phone rang, he wanted the details. During the course of the conversation I let drop that she was married, the tone of his voice changed. God he’s such a transparent horn dog, I thought. Since his birthday, when Denise and I surprised him, fulfilling his fantasy, he’s lobbied for a repeat.” “Maybe a foursome,” I mused, “he’s very sexy.” Andre changed the subject.



Blogger J said...

hélas, I fear all of us of André's gender are transparent to those who actually care to "see".


11:09 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

My thoughts on that also. Too much of the typical Frenchman there! Cheers, 'VJ'

4:44 AM  

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