Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thursday I flew to London from Frankfurt and from Gatwick, took the bus to Chichester, where the hotel we’d be staying at was located. Andre hadn’t arrived so I checked in and fell immediately to sleep. Sometime after one, he was scratching at my door like an old tom cat wanting in out of the rain. Andre and friends arrived with a truck and trailer containing gear and motorcycles, plus a trailing car.

Friday morning the decision was to go for a ride, rather than out to Goodwood. The group split in two, bucks and does, as the boys were feeling their testosterone and looked forward to blasting about the English countryside, while the women had mostly novice riders, including moi on the Moto Guzzi. After jokes about heading to the nearest shopping we picked a destination about a hundred kilometers away where we planned to have lunch, while riding about twice that distance to get there. All returned without incident.

Friday evening was spent gallivanting about town, such that it is, in period costume, 1950’s, having a good old time. Saturday I and others took the bus out to Goodwood, a name with which we had lots of fun with; “My dear, does your man have good wood?” Now imagine several mildly inebriated French women saying that in English while feigning a Brit accent. It was funny on a few levels. Bussing it was also preferable as I had Andre haul a suitcase full of vintage frocks for the weekend, so I wasn’t going to spend it wandering around in motorcycle leathers.

Goodwood is the ancestral home of the Duke of Richmond and is owned by the current Duke, Lord March. The place is massive, the manor house is now a hotel and on the property are auto and horse racing tracks, an airfield, a golf course and the Rolls Royce manufacturing facility. Alas they wouldn’t loan me one for the weekend. I’d been there before for the Festival of Speed with this vintage event differing by the focus on vintage clothes and the addition of old aircraft.

It was a fun weekend, I flirted my way into sitting and sometimes driving a few old sports cars, including a XK-E, a Mercedes 250SL and a pair of Austin Healy's, a 3000 and a Sprite. I loved the Sprite; it is tiny and looks like a pug. All and all we had a great weekend, but I was certainly glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed and I missed Wags.

For photos go here, here, here, and here.



Anonymous VJ said...

Looks like fantastic good fun Kim! Hope you enjoyed the outing. Was that you by the Vickers Mk1 too? Cheers, 'VJ'

3:25 AM  

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