Tuesday, September 06, 2011

We made a deal, Andre would come to NY, if I joined him at Goodwood, in England, for a vintage event. I’d been resisting going, not because it I didn’t want to, but it would add to my travels as the dates are the 16th through the 18th. As planned, I’ll travel from Frankfurt and meet A and friends there.

We flew from Paris in the afternoon and arrived at our hotel a bit ago; Mr. Romance fell asleep shortly after we hit the room. Boy friends…

Saturday I went to Buster’s storage to clean him from the trip and to clean and properly store the gear, A was to join me in order to take care of a few maintenance items on the camper. When I arrived there was an unfamiliar car parked out front, an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. I walked around it, thinking, “this is adorable”. I’m coming to realize that I have a thing for old sports cars and this was pushing my buttons. As I looked at it I heard someone greet me by name. Looking around I saw it was a guy who keeps a couple of cars in the warehouse. The Alfa was his and it was for sale. Oh and by the way Kim, do you want to drive it.

He held out the keys, in the same manner a guy would hold out his room key, knowing you’ll take it and knowing that you’ll show up. I took them, got in and then looked around, I liked how it felt. Starting it, I went down the driveway, before getting to the street my mind was screaming for someone to keep me from buying it.

Andre is hopeless, stuff follows him home all the time; I haven’t told you about the Moto Guzzi. In fact I figured out that he lives in his workshop, its not because he can’t afford a separate place, but because he spends that money on stuff he finds. He has little storage spaces everywhere with parts, motorcycles and materials. My family, Dad is nearly as bad and when Kenny was here, he was nearly drooling as he looked over the cars. My GFs love spending each others money, so they're no help. I resisted, but Waldo might need to find a new home, I’m getting an itch.



Anonymous jo said...

SCRATCH IT! Gorgeous. One of my favourite things about Panther is the smell of aged leather when I get in after taking her cover off after a day in the sun. I just love it.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

See what I mean...

I'll write about this again over the weekend when I have some down time.


1:22 PM  

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