Thursday, December 29, 2011

Around the holidays, I make an effort to call friends who I normally would keep track of via email and social networks. Its nice to hear their voices and to hear directly from them what is happening in their lives.

Today I called Irena and she was excited about the protests against Putin and the government of Russia. Most would consider her a Russian ex-pat living in Berlin, but she sees herself as more of an exile. It is not that she is afraid of traveling to Russia and she does from time to time. It is because of her business, pornography, she would be easy picking for the mafia and cleptocrats. Not that she is untouchable in Berlin, but she is too small for the mob to be bothered and the small time Russian hoodlums that would prey on her in Moscow, don’t operate freely in Germany.

“You want a country that is built on and respects the rule of law?” I asked her and after I explained what I meant, she enthusiastically said yes. For her getting rid of Putin is the place to start.



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