Friday, December 09, 2011

Istanbul is fascinating. Not that I had a chance to explore. We stayed at an international chain hotel near the airport and the places that we had our meetings, could have been edge cities anywhere. But the travel to and from... I can’t wait till I can go back and I want to stay for a while.

Doha was, hmmm interesting. Its odd, this modern city that is seemingly populated by expatriates. Everyone we met and virtually everyone we saw, were foreigners. I’m interested in returning to Qatar also.

The Dubai meetings didn’t happen, their schedule wouldn’t allow it so we returned Friday. Fortunately my contacts will be in London next week, so we will meet there. Early in the week I came down with a bug, too many long days and the travel caught up with me.

I do have this unfulfilled wanderlust. I dream about wandering across the globe. Stopping and staying for awhile at places that I find interesting and then moving on. In an alternate life I guess. I made choices and now I’m living with them.



Blogger J said...

well, maybe you should give Buster a workout more often.


9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

always welcome in ATL girl. hope you're feeling better! tis the season to burn the candle at both ends. xox eb(k)

11:34 PM  

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