Sunday, December 18, 2011

The life plan that was finalized in my mind as we traveled through Russia, while at the same time that I worked on the business plan that was to become Kim & Co., featured quitting the escort racket. I had enough money to get by while the business grew, but when the relationship went asunder, I reconsidered, and on my return to Paris I took the On Vacation sign off my website and began soliciting appointments.

It was a good time to be an escort, the credit bubble was forming and the players had lots of money to spend, on luxuries, on women, on women as luxury baubles. It was a time I enjoyed, the life, the money. I invested my earnings and have done well, even considering the recession. Looking back, I know I would have burned out and likely crashed, if I hadn’t known that I had an alternative and would eventually quit, even I didn’t know when.

When I went independent, I had a small coterie of gentleman who I served. I decided that a good way to keep in touch with them and hopefully keeping their interest was a newsletter. Nothing fancy, delivered via email, an article that I’d write and a bunch of links to items of interest to men, rich men.

Cars, watches, cigars, yachts, wine etc., of course a link or an article on keeping a mistress or rental girl friends. Since one of the first clients of Kim & Co., was a automotive accessories manufacturer, I was on mailing lists for many PR departments. Embargoed information, particularly pictures sometimes made it in to my newsletter. One month I updated Helen Gurley Browns’ advice to gentleman on how to treat his mistress. That received a lot of comments. Each edition had a head and shoulders shot of me in the upper left and usually a couple of more pictures, out on the town. The newsletter was forwarded around and I received requests to add readers to the distribution list. Occasionally one would ask about Kim, which was my opportunity to suggest a rendezvous, with compensation of course.

During that time I would occasionally seek out possible clients in the wild, so to speak. Where do wealthy men go? Charity events, auctions, gallery openings, any place where I could meet someone, exchange business cards. Later I’d determine if they could afford me and I’d call them and suggest lunch, when I’d give them my pitch. At first I didn’t do this often, but by the time I decided to quit, it had become my predominant method for obtaining new clients as I’d stopped advertising and had shut down the website.

When I moved to London, I (mostly) took a sabbatical from escorting. When London turned sour, I returned to Paris and took a gentleman up on his persistent entreaties that I become his mistress. The money was good, coming as a monthly deposit in my account. But his company was an early casualty of the Great Recession and I became a luxury that he could no longer afford.

In 2009 I lowered my rates some, but refused to keep lowering them in order to maintain the same level of business. Needless to say demand was reduced, showing that the internet’s ability to turn any product or service into a commodity and exert downward price pressure is relentless. It is difficult to distinguish your service when the medium delivering your message turns it to mush. Thus I stepped up my stalking of rich men. Needless to say this was draining and has pretty much ruined any chance that I would marry wealthy Parisian. Not that I ever cared about that, but I do like options.

By the time Andre entered my life, I’d decided to let the escort business peter out. If someone called I would see him, but I had stopped looking for clients. Even though Andre knows of my past and said he was fine with my continuing, I knew that it would eventually bother him that I continued to be a whore. Relationships are complicated enough, no need to make them more difficult. So I quit.

If Andre was not in the picture and a former client suggested an assignation for old time’s sake, I would probably take him up on it. Or if a long term arrangement were to be offered, I’d consider it. But to return to being a full or part time gentleman’s companion with the advertising, recruitment and screening? No.

A note in clarification: Or perhaps a timeline. The trip to Russia and eastern Europe was the summer of 2005 and the sojourn to London was during the spring and early summer of 2007. From my return from Russia to the middle of 2008, I averaged 3-4 'dates' a month and then the number began to dwindle. In 2010, there were 4 dates with three men.



Blogger J said...

I didn't realize you were still "active" so recently. If the Eurozone continues to get worse economically, might you have to reconsider?


3:56 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Jean - No

8:52 PM  
Blogger J said...

Bon! [sauf pour moi j'espère ;) ]

10:07 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Always good to hear, and well I recall the adventures. I can't believe I've been reading along that long either. It's like one long serial. Here's hoping for some new adventures in the New Year! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

10:24 AM  
Anonymous stretch mark removal cream said...

Im glad you choose to stop altogether. Good decision

11:02 AM  

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