Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Now and then I’ve been asked to describe typical day or week. The snippy reply is that there are no typical days, but in truth there are activities that regularly repeat. One thing that causes variability in my schedule is that I travel, a lot, just over a hundred nights last year. Most of my travel is within the EU, but I travel to the US every four to six weeks, mostly NY but also Atlanta and points beyond.

Typically I’m up between 5:30 and 6:00, after taking care of my immediate needs; I throw on my running gear and take Wags out to meet his. While he’s sniffing around for a spot to relieve himself, I stretch for my run. Since I was a little girl, I’ve started my day by doing ballet exercises, now using a railing as a barre, to these I’ve added some common runner’s stretching. When both Wags and I are ready, we begin our run, a loop of about 3-5K. By seven I’m back in my apartment for breakfast, which is usually coffee, fruit juice, toast, yogurt and fresh fruit. While eating, I check and reply to email, both personal and company. I can drive my employees crazy with the things I forward along and the questions that I inevitably ask.

By quarter to nine I’m out with Wags and heading for a neighborhood cafe for a cappuccino and to catch up on the neighborhood gossip. Most days I’m biking to the office which takes about fifteen minutes, Wags still rides in the basket as he did as a pup and still howls at the cars and pedestrians.

I arrive at the office about 9:30 and start the day with a quick meeting with Mimi, so that we’re in sync. After that I shut the door and get on the phone, chat, twitter, webex, email or whatever method I need to reach clients and importantly prospective clients. Around two, I go for lunch. Thursday lunches, I save to have with one or more of my employees. This is their time and the conversation varies, sometimes business and clients, other times, their professional goals or simply current events. Friday’s lunch kicks off my weekly planning meeting Mimi, where we focus on mid and longer range goals and objectives.

Lunches earlier in the week are with business contacts or possible contacts who are sometimes clients, vendors, periodically business allies and the occasional competitor. One lunch a week I try to reserve for meetings with job applicants. We receive many resumes and portfolios from individuals looking for either contract work or employment and each week I bring in one or two of the most interesting to talk, if they are potential contractors I’ll refer them to Mimi and if she agrees we’ll add them to the mix. Those who are looking for jobs, I’ll refer to companies where I believe that they would be a fit. I’ve collected a few chits that way.

Then it is back to the office for more meetings, around five I’ll slip out for happy hour noshing and then back to the office for conference calls with clients in the US or to pick up Wags and head home. Each week there are late night conference calls that I conduct at the office or from home. Thankfully, technology allows my office to be wherever I am with a computer. Then of course there is the bottomless inbox...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


What it exactly, does your company do? Are you in fashion?

10:21 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Sounds mostly irredeemably pleasant from this end of things. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for the insights. Cheers, 'VJ'

9:49 AM  
Anonymous joe said...


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