Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saturday I went out to Andre’s shop, it had been about a month since I’d been there. In truth, for several months our relationship has been faltering. We’ve seen less of each other and looked for excuses not to see the other. Christmas was the worst I can remember, we argued on the way to Dad’s Christmas eve and on the way to his parents’ home on Christmas day. The week of 9, January, I needed to be in the US and our plans were to go early and borrow Rachel and Amy’s condo in Miami for a few days. He begged of saying he had too much to do.

As I looked around his shop I noticed the Moto Guzzi was missing and I asked him about it. “I sold it,” he replied. “When,” I asked, “before Christmas,” was his reply. This was fine, he acquired it for me, but our understanding that he could sell it, as I wasn’t interested in owning it. It was odd and telling, that he never mentioned putting it up for sale or selling it.

“Our relationship is over, isn’t it,” I asked. It was a subject that needed to be broached and one I had chosen to avoid. “Yes,” was his reply. Discussion was unnecessary, this was something we both wanted. I considered whether any of my belongings were at the shop, there weren’t and I told him that I’d send his things that were at my apartment. On the way back to the city I arranged for the locks to be changed.

This week I’ve been mourning the loss of the relationship and the what might have been, rather than Andre. He’s a nice guy and that makes it hard, he’s the kind of person that one could plan a life with. But we couldn’t.



Blogger J said...

Kim ... I'm sorry to hear this. I had wondered though how things were going as André had been absent from the blog for some time. It sounds like you will be reflecting on the relationship for a bit. I hope you will find the answers you are looking for.


11:51 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Sorry to hear it too Kim. It sounded mostly like a fun lark for awhile, which is what it was. I imagine there's something else that went on with him, but if he wanted out, it's best not to stay.

Something else discovered in the FT recently, perhaps putting a 'pro' on the job:

I'm still not sure it's worth the ~$20K (10K# GSP) for the service.

Strangely enough I've got a family friend whose mid 30's age daughter got engaged to a Frenchman 'in the arts', a kindly divorced bloke she met on one of her NYC acting troupes Parisian/European tours. They're getting married soon. So not all that uncommon, (it amy have been more common just after the war I imagine too).

Me, I cherish my arguments with the spouse over the Hols. But they've gotten much less heated over the years. And you never want to be confined in a car on a 12 hr.+ drive with me expounding on the need & necessity for a 'quality of mercy & forgiveness' in all things. It's actually gotten much better, but that was only after a decade or so of slight improvements everywhere. Cheers & Brighter Moments to you! 'VJ'

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ugh sorry girl. wish i had something deeper and more comforting to say, though it sounds like you hit the nail on the head re: mourning the relationshp and not necessarily him. *hugs* eb

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rare piece of good advice from my father: it should be easy. I suppose that's a variation on don't force it if it doesn't fit. Very little innuendo intended. - M

5:30 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

In other news, UGA is # 2!!

1st picked up here:

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