Thursday, May 24, 2012

Barcelona and Madrid are regular stops in my business travels and each time I come in the last couple of years the country has become visibly more desperate. Twenty-five percent unemployment is not pretty. The prevailing humor is of the gallows variety.
Wednesday I had dinner with a woman who was seeking work. She and her husband had recently closed the small business that they had nurtured for seventeen years. Now they were living on savings and hustling for any work they can get. If the situation were reversed, I hope I can summons her spunk, but alas the best I can do is put her on my list of potential contractors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One reason Spain's unemployment numbers are so high is the structure of the labor market. Starting in I think the early 80's, the Spanish govt allowed you to fire temporary / pt workers without taking on costs. Part time employment mushroomed and became, as I remember, over 1/4 of all jobs, even higher among the young. Getting a permanent job in Spain has meant a contract and that has meant firing is hard & costly. So the economy is structured around pt jobs with difficulty getting permanent work. - M

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