Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sunday I flew to Milan for a meeting on Monday, took the train to Rome for a Tuesday meeting and then it was off to Madrid for meetings on Wednesday.  My luggage, a computer bag and a carry-on.
There was a time when any trip longer than an overnight had me dragging around a Tumi Fortnight or at least a carry on and a duffle.  When I escorted, I read with envy and disbelief, blog posts of other companions who claimed to go on tour for two weeks carry nothing more than a bag that would fit in the overhead. The only place I could go for two weeks with only a carry-on would be Cap d'Adge. Mostly I looked like Wallis Simpson on holiday in Miami.

Now friends ask me for travel tips, mostly how to pack, negotiate airport security, deal with airlines, customs etc. I have no secrets on packing or the rest, but I always start by saying take the train.  If you must fly then I'd suggest air prive, first class, business class…I know we mostly end up in coach. If it is coach then do whatever you can to avoid Delta. Mostly I fly Air France and have access to the clubs and lounges, which makes the in airport time less arduous.
Tricks for dealing with security and customs are all based on being organized. Keep papers together and accessible. All liquids and makeup in one plastic bag that is stored in an outer pocket of you bag. Don't wear jewelry and dress simply, I'm the woman wearing leggings and t-shirt with slip on shoes. I also believe that the way I dress for air travel helps me avoid the body image machine or being patted down. When your clothing fits like a second skin it is hard to hide anything under your shirt.


Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, when I fly it's usually 'business class', for many reasons. But mostly it's for the time afforded to get my overstuffed carry on into the over head w/o much trouble, and the larger seats. I don't know how anyone can fit in coach anymore. But unless it's longer than 2 weeks? I usually don't check anything. Everything comes on board, which if you're in coach? Must now include food & water too! Talk about 3rd class carriage. Cheers, 'VJ'

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Claire said...

LOVE the Wallis Simpson picture! But that was the way most upper & upper-middle class women traveled in those days--you were changing your whole outfit three and four times a day.

6:27 AM  

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