Friday, July 20, 2012

Amanda and Abby left for home this morning with the sisters with whom they stayed and the girl’s mother. Catherine will meet them in NY where the six of them will spend a few days and then mom will return to Paris.

Last evening we all went to dinner, the fashion adventurous Mandy in the best of jailbait going on 20 tradition showed up in a mini, several centimeters to short and her first pair of stilettos. I wish the two of them better success than I had in navigating the vicissitudes of adolescence.

There will be no beach house for vacation this year, work is too busy with Grace out.  Anne Marie and Hannah have been talking about traveling about French and Atlantic Canada for a while and decided to take that trip this summer, while Judith, Nathalie and their partners are headed to NYC with a side trip to Provincetown.

While I’ll miss the beach it will work out as I’m finalizing plans for an extended trip this winter. The remainder of the summer won’t be all work, as I have plans for some long weekends, starting with this one. I’m writing this while waiting for a friend to take to Nice where we will join other friends on a sailboat for a few days. Then back to work.



Blogger Robert said...

We had a French woman and her son visiting and we took her to the beach at Port Elgin, ON on Lake Huron. She was amazed. She had never swam at such a huge fresh water beach. The Canadian beaches on Lake Huron are quite wonderful.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen "Les Bien-Aimés"? If not, I recommend it. Give a listen to the song "Une fille légère", sung by Chiara Mastroianni and her mom. - M

6:27 AM  

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