Thursday, July 05, 2012

My family’s summer reunion that is normally over the 4th has been deferred, probably till Labor Day. A couple of reasons, Grace had her baby a couple of weeks ago and doesn’t want to travel for a bit and the other being that the twins are in Paris for part of the summer. We can’t have a family party without the whole family.
Henry Charles decided to enter the world just as dinner was arriving. Robert was paying the delivery guy, when Grace called out that they needed to go to the hospital. Needless to say, the take-out was wasted.
I’ve pretty much have spent the last couple of weeks in NY looking after business, with Grace on her maternity leave.  We’re partners in that office though I let her run it as she sees fit, even if I grimace from time to time. But I can’t argue with the results, its just the process that I’m not always comfortable with.  When I have involved myself, it has been at times of crisis or when a heavy is useful, allegedly earning me the sobriquet as the Wicked Witch of the East.
Over time we have made a lot of changes and Grace is satisfied with her staff. Since I do not know them well, spending time there while she tends to Henry, will give me a chance to develop a relationship without stepping on her toes.
The travel is getting to me and this week I’m staying in Paris and reacquainting myself with my friends, my dog and neighborhood. Not to forget my employees. In the Air France club at JFK on Friday afternoon I spotted an old client Michel. If he noticed me, he didn’t say anything, nor did I. Once he told me that he traveled 250 days a year, I couldn’t understand how he could do that. This year, I’m on a pace to be gone 150 nights and I can’t keep it up.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Any new salacious news about your sex life, or perhaps a date with a client?

4:42 AM  
Anonymous John Ndume said...

Are most of your previous clients white middle age men? Did you see black men before when you were escorting?

5:32 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

What sex life?

Wrinkly white guys and the occasional wrinkly black guy.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim. I love you. you have the best blog.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Is it a requirement to be wrinkly to see you when you escorted?

6:04 AM  

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