Thursday, July 12, 2012

The twins are not anything if not persistent. While here last summer they made the acquaintance of sisters who bracket them in age and together the four began plotting not only how to return the twins to Paris, but arrange for the sisters to visit the US. Conditionally, all parents were open to it and the twins (who should have names so Amanda & Abigail) arrived in mid-June and the four will travel to the US around 20, July.
A problem for twins is being looked upon as two peas in a pod and for a long time A&A were, but speaking with their mother they are beginning to differentiate. Both have a friend or two that is unique and they are developing different interests. Abby in science and math and Mandy in art and design. Ask Abby what she is considering for a career and she’ll tell you that she would like to be a physician. Mandy is more of a weather vane.
One of the conditions that their parents set in letting them come here, is that they need to spend one day a week exploring possible careers or doing some volunteer work.  The father of the family they are staying with is a physician and he set Abby up with a volunteer gig. Mandy sought my assistance and I arranged her to tail several friends in different art and fashion careers a day each week. She also asked to spend some time at Kim & Co.
Growing up my mother’s sister Lillian provided my sisters and I an alternate feminine worldview and yes, it was different from mom’s. When A&A arrived, I realized that I’m filling that role for them.
Over the last couple of years, we have had several life conversations, but on our first meeting this time they had a doozy. They had been surfing through Tumbler and came across some pretty graphic S&M photos and videos, about which they were too curious to skip. Mostly their questions could be summed up as, why would a woman let that stuff happen to her? I reminded them that probably the photos that they saw were models who were paid to participate, but that yes some women do participate because they want to.
We talked about fantasies for a bit and hoping to redirect the conversation I asked if they had fantasies. At that point Mandy piped up with, “Abby fantasizes about kissing Jared Murphy.” Abby, her confidence betrayed, let out a wounded “Mannndyy.”  I shot M a dirty look and turned to A and said that “when Miss Blabbermouth is not around if she wanted to talk about her friend, I’d love to hear about him. A smiled and M suitably ashamed, shut up.
Casually I asked them if they had made their Tumbler discover after arriving in Paris? No, it was several weeks earlier. Then I asked why they hadn’t spoken to their mother about this. Somewhat embarrassed they admitted they were afraid to talk with her about the subject and besides she wouldn’t know anything about such things. To that I arched an eyebrow and said, “and you thought I would know about such things.” About then they realized that what they thought was a complement, could be as likely be taken as an insult. Each attempt to explain themselves, only had then digging a deeper hole, till we finally agreed I might be considered somewhat more worldly than their mother.


Anonymous Jane said...

Do your sisters you about your past night job?

8:43 AM  
Anonymous John Ndume said...

In your experience, do asian men have smaller penises?

8:45 AM  
Blogger J said...

Funny how kids can pick up on people's "true" nature, even if outwardly hidden, isn't it?


8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should "matronly advice to tots and teens" to your tagline list. - M

9:03 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Ah the explosion in p0rn tumblers, something to behold. Actually you can 'order up' almost any sort of perversity on a whim. Egads what a development. I scarcely see why any young lad might want to leave the house, but then I recall the number who actually are seen to put them on their phones & mobile devices!

But yes, learning 'something' at a ferocious rate. Mostly that money might buy almost anything, and plenty of folks like 'different things'. But nothing the Victorians did not know, just much better & more lavishly illustrated. But also things that have been with is since the dawn of art, and certainly since early photography too (~1920's). But much of that time you really had to hunt for the stuff. Now? The kiddies really do have instant access to it all, and perhaps do not know what to make of it at first. A learning process to be certain.

Hipe you enjoyed your sojourn to the 'States. We scarcely get to the Ga. coast ourselves, but it can be lovely, especially if you own a nice plot too! Cheers, 'VJ'

9:14 AM  

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