Thursday, August 23, 2012

Despite not taking the usual summer vacation, I have managed to relax some. The few days on the sailboat were great. Not knowing fore from aft, nor port from starboard (why can't they simply use front and back and left and right), I assumed galley duties and treated my friends to several good meals. We had freshly caught fish most evenings with veggies from a local market where we anchored for the night.
Leah and her son, spent a week with Grace and the kids, while David came down for the weekend. So I had the chance to see them. The other weekend a friend of Grace's joined us. She was funny, tired of feeling miserable and licking her wounds from a messy divorce last year she chose that weekend to rejoin the scene and recruited me as her wing man.
I was good choice as I was feeling pretty manic and could have chatted up the Sphinx. We tried one place and left as it wasn't promising and shortly after arriving at another, she spotted a guy that interested her. He was with two other guys so I distracted the friends while she struck up a conversation with the mark.  They have a date this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So did you have any hot passionate sex this week?

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Hermes said...

Have you ever done porn? I would I love to see you naked with a beautiful lolita, or perhaps, straddling a big Nubian giant.

9:11 PM  

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