Friday, October 05, 2012

I have a lover, a jeune fille, so I am also an older woman, a construct that I’m still getting used to. This spring she came to work at a shop that I frequent. We’d flirt when I came in and the occasional fleeting thought of her made me smile, but nothing came of it.

The afternoon before I left for NY and my family’s annual party over Labor Day, she called to say that an order that I was waiting for had arrived. The previous day, I had called to inquire about its whereabouts as I hoped to have the dress for the weekend. My schedule was too full to get to the shop before it closed, so I told her that I’d pick it up on my return. A few minutes later, she called to say that Madame, the proprietor, offered to have her deliver it to my office or home.  The apartment was more convenient and a time was agreed upon.

She was waiting for me when I arrived. I offered to take it so she could go, but Madame had instructed her to ensure that everything fit properly and that I was satisfied and if not to bring the dress back. I invited her up and offered a glass of wine while I tried it on. It fit fine and I was pleased, we tittered back and forth, she having learned how to play on the vanity and insecurity of shoppers.

She seemed in no rush to leave, but unsettled and I had decided that seducing her was the best way to spend that evening. An offer of dinner was accepted and I got her speaking about herself, she was 20 a university student and her family lived in the western suburbs where she grew up.

The cat and mouse game had started and my little mouse was more innocent than most. A touch to her hip led to a kiss and then the confession that she had never been with a woman. With a smile I guided her to the bedroom.

She didn’t spend the night; she needed to meet her boyfriend when he got out of work. While traveling to CDG in the morning, I wondered if I would see her again and sent a message she quickly replied affirmatively. We’ve gone out several times in the last few weeks and while I don’t see a future, for now it is fun. She has told the BF about me and she said he was OK with her seeing me and inquired about a threesome. When she told me about his interest, I only replied that this was not a surprise.



Blogger J said...

Congratulations on the new relationship Kim. A new first, je crois? Yes indeed this could be fun. I can also see how you will enjoy helping this pretty young flower mature and become a woman. Satisfying in more ways than one.


3:29 PM  
Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

Yes, a woman I know in her early thirties had an affair with a much younger woman just out of her teens. She gave it up. She told me that she felt that she was robbing the cradle.

6:12 AM  

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