Thursday, October 11, 2012

The merry-go-round has started again, yesterday and today London, now I'm waiting for a flight to Dublin for meetings tomorrow and Saturday. Home on Sunday and then Bonn, Milan and Barcelona. Then it gets worse. But agreements are being reached and progress made, so it has been worthwhile.

Last weekend I met her BF, a toxic mix of callowness, bravado and French arrogance. He comes from a well connected family and is going to a "right" school, so it can be expected that he'll slide comfortably through life and probably not leave a trace. At least he could in the old paradigm. When the current crisis in Europe recedes a lot is going to change.



Anonymous Robert taylor said...

Aren't you just sliding through life, much of which is and will remain a secret to most?

2:48 AM  

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