Thursday, November 08, 2012

A reader asked for my comments on this article about Dominique Strauss Kahn and more specificatlly my thoughts on the "sex parties" mentioned. Regarding DSK, whom I've never met, my thoughts are the same as many, he's a sexual predator trying to hide behind France's tolerance of libertine behavior.

Some clients were interested in such soirees and also in "clubs echangiste," swingers clubs. I've considered writing about that experience, but I've simply not gotten around to doing so. It seems that when I have a few moments to compose a post, there is something else I'd rather say.

Swingers and libertines exist everywhere, many US cities have commercial clubs similar to a club echangiste or private, invitation only clubs that meet at someones home or at a hotel. These private clubs exist everywhere. My former roommate Elyse tells that after she and Michael were married, his company sent him to work at facility in Alabama. After they had been there for about six months a woman she had gotten friendly with approached her about she and Michael joining a club. That's not Elyse's thing, but she had also met the woman's husband and…ah no.



Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

You have written in the past of being involved in similar gatherings, albeit on a smaller scale.

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