Thursday, November 15, 2012

At home, Friday evening, I mulled over my situation and developed a plan and then I slept surprisingly well. In the morning I texted Jacques and asked him to call me as there was something important that I needed to speak with him about. Then I called my attorney who agreed to meet that afternoon.

Jacques called around 9:30 and I explained the situation and asked if when he referred me to Jeanette, did she inquire as to why he wasn't investing in Kim & Co if we could be highly recommended to someone else? She had and Jacques told her that I had been his mistress and that this was common knowledge amongst his family and business associates and that he believed that it was best if my investor was someone without the conflicts that he and I shared. With that information I let him go.

After explaining what was transpiring to my attorney I asked him my bottom line question, could she force me out? Not without the support of my sister and even then it would be very expensive was his response. He agreed with my assessment that if she chose to disinvest it would be quite expensive also.

Monday we took dinner in her suite. Our meal conversation recapped the days meetings and she brought the subject up over a glass of madeira. It was obvious that she was uncomfortable and it seemed that she would rather have been having a root canal. "It had been brought to her attention by a member of her board…" she started (she represents a family trust)  and then went on to repeat the accusation that I worked as a prostitute and asked if I could respond to that. I allowed that there was a time in my life that I made some unconventional choices, but those activities had ended (a small lie) before she and her group became involved with K&Co. When I asked her the source of the accusation and if she had spoken to this person she said that she had and that it was Madame Sophia ______ and that a second board member of her board had heard similar rumors. The mention of Sophia made me smile, which perplexed Jeanette. "Did she also tell you that I was very publicly, Charles' (her husband) mistress for well over a year," I asked? It seems that that bit of info was left out. She went on to say that members of her board were inquiring if I would "step aside for the good of the company." Upon hearing my clear, No, she twirled the wine about her glass and offered that it appeared that this matter was closed.



Anonymous jo said...

Wiping a collective brow and eliciting a sigh of relief on your behalf.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kim! You've always being professional when it comes to your work. You're Kim&Co and your passion and drive is what got it where it is today. Your past is exactly your past. Good luck and hope things will work out.

11:01 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

This in a country where this famous courtesan served as 'first lady' to the PM for a few years too:

Yes, the French are different and a bit more tolerant of 'alternative lifestyles'. And they do understand mistresses, unlike the US where it might blow up the entire damn top of the General Staff any week. Cheers, 'VJ'

4:13 AM  

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