Thursday, December 13, 2012

As might be expected, there has been added fallout to ragots Kim. After Jeanette's board met, a member asked to meet with me. This fellow, whom I've known for awhile, is a gossip and though I knew that whatever we discussed would become grist for the mill, I was curious as to what happened in the meeting. Mostly it seems, Jeanette tried to move beyond the issue, it would "only damage the Trust," is how she was quoted.

Gained knowledge often changes the balance of relationships and Jeanette's and mine has shifted. A bit of gamesmanship is going on as she tries to have me accept the responsibility for the affair. From here on, I expect that are relationship will be professional but chilled on the personal side, at least for awhile.

Mimi reported that the rumors have reached my staff, though the reaction was mostly schadenfreude. Then in the middle of this Marie called. Marie was my madame, my pimp. She retired several years ago, married and moved to the Caribbean. 

I'd been in a brief meeting and as I returned to my desk the receptionist told me I had a call, a Marie ____, you could have knocked me over with a feather. Marie apologized for calling at the office and asked if I would be available for lunch? We chose Thursday and she suggested ____, a favorite of hers and where we lunched once a week when I worked for her. After I hung up I considered the irony of being in the middle of all this and having lunch with a well known souteneur at a restaurant whose longtime staff would likely remember me as one of Marie's girls.

The restaurant is off the Boulevard Saint-Germain near Les Deux Magots, when I arrived she was holding court like returning royalty, which is how she would think of herself. Of course I was recognized, much to my chagrin and to add to my discomfort, a patron asked a server to inquire if I were still in the business. Finally we took our table, a booth in the back where we would have a modicum of privacy. I let her talk as she updated me on her life.  They had returned to Paris the prior week as her husband required surgery. With him doing better M felt free to look up friends and acquaintances and somehow I was near the top of the list.  She seems happy, but looks older than I would have expected. We had a nice chat and with my curiosity satisfied I bid her adieu and returned to my life.



Blogger J said...

But isn't this all so coincidental ... all this curiosity of your past ... and then tout à coup, up pops Marie?


11:00 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, the old gossip gal can be a bit of trouble, but we assume she'll be back home before too long. But it's always a danger mixing the past with the present, almost anywhere. And again it's not like 'official' Court (and other) courtesans are unknown in France either. That's all that needs to be intimated. You're following Carla's lead here, but evidently you're a bit more savvy with your PR lately. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

1:50 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Lest we forget that this kind of 'exposure' happens every day too. And it's always a 'clutch the pearls' moment somehow too. Of course the glimpse of the 'underground' economy, existing since at least the Victorians is always fascinating cat nip to the media. (Yes, we're talking here of the media relationship & the exposure here. Not the central facts.) Cheers, 'VJ'

2:19 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

VJ, simply proves that women who pursue that business come from a wide variety of backgrounds.


5:18 PM  

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