Thursday, January 10, 2013

The desk clerk at the hotel where I stay in NY is from France, when I arrive she greets me and conducts the check-in, in French. When I arrived Tuesday evening it was no different. I usually bring some chocolate from Michel Chaudun or another chocolateer. If it is not busy we chat for a few minutes and then I head for my room. As I started for the elevator I saw that Grace was waiting for me. I wasn't surprised, as I expected another chapter in Scandal Kim.

She followed me to my room and before she could start I ordered dinner, I was famished. I let her talk, stopping to point out that they only way she couldn't have known about my life was because she chose to ignore the evidence. She conceded that point and we went on. I let her talk as it was mostly about her feelings, but I surprised her when I didn't apologize or seem remorseful and was taken aback when I told her that I enjoyed that life and only gave it up as it became a hindrance to my emerging plans.

When she began repeating herself for the third time, I switched the subject and asked her how she found out and she told me Jeanette had flown to NY after leaving me in Spain to meet with her. Grace went on the tell me that Jeanette sought to enlist Grace's assistance in ousting me. "...of course I wouldn't do that..." Grace said. Before she could continue I interjected, "So you offered to buy her out," I finished her sentence. Grace smiled.

Thankfully Grace overreached making an offer that Jeanette had to refuse, if she hadn't, I would have lost control of my own company.



Anonymous VJ said...

You know sometimes such sisters do come in handy. But I'd not expect her to understand much, it's a whole different mindset, and you & she have known that for quite awhile too. You're just different creations. Similar in some aspects, but wildly different in others. You might try and reassure her that that part of your life is 'in the past', which might be somewhat helpful. But mostly, I suspect it's just mystifying to her. But happily in this instance 'blood was thicker than water'. Or cash. Which again is helpful at turns. Hang in there! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

You are showing that you have the ovaries to ride this out. :-)

7:20 PM  

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