Saturday, March 09, 2013

A couple of years ago I had parked Buster near the farmers market along the Blvd Richard Lenoir near Rue Breguet when a woman, Jessica, approached me to ask about my camper. We chatted a bit while a fellow, her soon to be ex-husband, waited impatiently.  We exchanged cards and I went about my shopping.

A few days later she emailed me and we took up a correspondence that revealed that we had similar interests. She lives near LeMans, so getting together took planning and we did. About a year ago she told me about an adventure being organized.

This afternoon, Carole picked us up at a rental car agency near Marseilles. We had a lot of stuff, 4 duffles and a couple of hard cases as well as Wags and his paraphernalia. In early February, Carole and Tomas visited and took Buster back with them. I'd stripped the camper of all the surfer gear and bicycle racks and loaded the cargo area with the spare fuel cans and other gear that came with Buster that I hadn't used, but would need now.  Buster is going to be our home and beast of burden for a month-long trip through Morocco.

The adventure Jessica alluded to was a trip planned by a group of women, initially from Tunis, across Algeria to Morocco, but when war broke out in Mali, it seemed prudent to avoid Algeria, given that country's history of instability and violence.

When we got to to Carole and Tomas' Buster was parked out front looking all travel ready. The kids came running out to greet us and to see what presents Aunty Kim brought, while Wags and Flash, the family Basset became reacquainted. After we stowed our gear and provisioned the galley, we settled down to dinner and to visit. Tomorrow night we'll drive to Seté and board the ferry that will take us to Tangiers.



Blogger jo said...

my jealousy knows no bounds. Have fun and report back!

2:01 AM  
Blogger J said...

Oh this will be great! It is many, many years ago I crossed the Maghreb. I found l'Algerie to be one of the finest, unique, beautiful countries I have ever visited. You'll love it.


5:56 PM  

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