Saturday, March 23, 2013

Buster had a tough day.

It is possible to travel through out Morocco on paved roads but that is for another group.

All of the vehicles in our troop are four wheel drive, but Buster is the only one without a low range. This hasn't been a problem till today. The section of road was only about 10 meters, but it was steep and Buster couldn't make it and needed to be winched up the incline.

Then the day got worse. There was a depression in the road, I should have avoided it but didn't and at the bottom a shard of sharp rock that punctured the sidewall of Buster's right rear tire. One of the expectations of the group is that we change our own flats and be able to do basic repairs on our vehicles, with advice, of course. So after tea we proceeded to change the tire.

Buster is carrying two jacks, a bottle jack that is straight forward and easy to use and a contraption called a high-lift jack. Both Andre and Thomas spoke about how dangerous these can be to use, but also how useful. Thomas sent over an hour instructing me on how to use the device safely, well as safely as possible. The tire being in the depression made using the bottle jack impossible so with trepidation and an audience Jessica and I got out the high-lift. Buster was raised and the tire changed and just as we were to lower it, Jessica had the foresight to realize that if we simply lowered the camper we'd puncture the new tire on the same rock. 

This realization brought me to tears and the suggestion was made to fill the hole with rocks and another driver brought over something called a sand ladder that we could place under the tire in order to bridge the hole. Buster was mobile again and I was glad that I carried two spares, but with one ruined I'll need to replace it in the next large village.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jessica is a sharp lady. Keep her on.

As to "spares," remember the Racing Law: the only thing that will ever break is whatever you lack a spare for.

Sounds like a really fun trip. Enjoy it, and remember, pictures or it didn't happen.

9:57 PM  

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