Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Knowing Wags' propensity to dart off to chase rabbits and other small game, I've made sure to keep him in the camper or on a leash. The owner's of the other dogs on the trip have not been so careful and yesterday the worst almost occurred.

The two dogs disappeared and no one saw them go. One returned in about 15 minutes, but the other didn't. We all looked for the dog for a couple of hours and then it was decided that two campers would stay with the dog's owners while the others pushed on. Shortly after the others left the dog appeared a little worse for his experience as he had gotten into a fight. We were joyous, celebrated briefly and then pushed on.

Today is a stay in place day, resting, doing laundry and making small repairs to the vehicles. Buster has performed well, even though he's the next to the oldest camper in the group and definitely the least powerful.

Morocco is beautiful, the weather has been great mostly sunny with an occasional shower. The temperatures have been in the 20's (centigrade) during the day and the 10's at night. The dry desert night air is cool, making the evening campfire a popular destination. Glad Buster has a heater.

Most of the villages that we've passed through have some sort of official or semi official campground that have some level of services. Even the nights where we rough camped someone would drive out to us in order to sell firewood, propane and diesel.

The people have been very nice, but they exhibit the attitude that residents of many resort areas do, thank you for coming and thank you for leaving.



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