Thursday, March 28, 2013

We spent a couple of days at Ihandar to be among the gazelles. Ihandar is a dusty oasis on the eastern slope of the Atlas Mountains and the gazelles are the participants in the Rallye Aïcha des gazelles. The rally is a orienteering competition open to women traveling by truck, motorcycle or ATV. It is a 15 day competition where the teams arise each day and are given their destination and waypoints, typically a red flag stuck in the sand, that they must find using only a map and compass. The team covering the shortest distance wins. Do you go over the mountain or around it?

Since arriving in Morocco we have come across the teams on several occasions, but this week we arrived in Inhandar to see a tent city rise in the desert and later the support trucks begin arriving followed by the first of the competitors.

The rally has moved on to the south and we in its wake. Eventually we will be working our way west, toward Marrakech and the end of our adventure. Oh and I've put becoming a Gazelle on my to do list.



Blogger J said...

Thanks for the link. Looks like it would be a great experience. I like the thought of Kim la Gazelle.


8:18 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Sweet errant madness with a vintage VW Microbus too! But sounds like fun also. Cheers & Good Luck, VJ

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

OMG, I first read that as you were putting Gazelles on your "to do" list!

7:16 PM  

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