Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When we arrived at the ferry terminal there were cars waiting. Ahead of us I could see loaded roof racks of a pair of trucks and I wondered if they were part of our group. They weren't, but we did spend time with them the next day and learned about their planned trip. A benefit of Buster is that he is a rolling kitchen, and well, it was dinner time, so up went the roof and I made us our evening meal. Jessica, lighting a candle for the table was almost too much for the occupants of the car next to us.

The trip was uneventful and we arrived in Tangiers on time, though a good part of the remainder of the day was spent off loading the ferry and clearing customs. I had some trepidation about customs, with the camper and Wags, there was a lot that could become a problem. After being  in Paris a few months, I began to learn conversational Arabic. When it was my turn to present my papers I greeted the agent in Arabic, which evoked a smile, and even if I had difficulty in comprehension my efforts were appreciated.

Our rendezvous location was a hotel, our last bed and running water till we reached Marrakech. We dined as a group, sixteen adults, six children, ages 4-12, and three dogs traveling in seven vehicles. There is a broad mixture of experience with two women who have done around the world trips and a couple who are first time travelers. Most are like me in having taken an extended trip or two and have lived in the vehicle.

We leave early in the morning. I'm excited.



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Bon voyage!
Thanks for bringing us along ;)

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