Friday, April 19, 2013

Leah called me. She lives in Newton and the police have shut the city and some others down while they search for the marathon bombers. News reports say one is dead and the other on the loose.

They had just gotten up and were having their coffee while listening to the news. They are feeling anxious and they will hunker down for the day.



Anonymous jo said...

It was INSANE. Sirens and copters. I closed the school for the day and stayed glued to the news or scanner feeds. I couldn't look away! So glad it is over. The relief around here is palpable. Husband and I had to run over a glass store in Watertown this morning right around the corner from the diner you saw in all the photos. You would never know that there were hundreds of people there mere hours before.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

It's a minor miracle no one else was shot in those neighborhoods being searched. Bullets were flying everywhere. Just imagine if some eager DIY hero went out with his trusty M-16 knock off to try and 'assist' the authorities. It's fortunate more tragedy did not result from it all, and the kid was actually more seriously wounded from his 1st & 2nd encounters with the police etc. And it's a miracle that it's basically wrapped up in less than a week. And everyone got what they were cheering for. The perps are either in custody or dead. And they're both White and kinda Muslim too. But a horrific week all around. Of the kid had not had his car in the shop, he might have been long gone too. Me, I'm wondering where and when they accumulated all that firepower too. Not too cheap either. And of course the family seem to be closet mental cases too. Geez what a train wreck. Glad it's concluded for the moment. 'VJ'

6:23 AM  

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