Monday, April 08, 2013

This morning I arrived at the office before 6, I was raring to get involved again. Since late fall I've been slightly disengaged, the project that I'd worked on was complete and the next steps were operational, with Mimi and Grace taking the lead. The trip allowed me to clear my head and consider the future. Thoughts that will lead to plans are percolating, despite the state of the European economy, I want to see Kim & Co grow 20% over the next 18 months and we can do it.

The trip through Morocco was exhausting in a good way. Each day had a focus and challenges that I'd never faced, that tested my ingenuity. Traveling with that group provided the support that we needed and now I have a wider group of friends with whom I shared something special. At the end we were all a bit tired of the rest, living in close proximity will do that. But we could acknowledge that and laugh about it. Jessica decided to fly home from Tangiers and I was glad she did, as I looked forward to spending the ferry trip sleeping, reading and being alone.

Marrakech was the end of the trip and we spent a couple of nights in a nice hotel with a final dinner and we went our separate ways. The husbands, of two of the women, met them there with a second truck. Their plan was to  travel to Dakar over the next few weeks and store the trucks there. In the fall they will retrieve them and continue on to Cape Town. I envy them. Two trucks headed for Casablanca, while the remaining formed a loose caravan to Tangiers and the ferries back to Europe.



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kim -

Did you have sex on your trip?

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