Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vacation house, second home, both seem too stuffy when referring to my, well, vacation home. It's not a beach house or a country house, but it is in a village, so I'll refer to staying there as being at the village.

Thursday, after work I drove out and spent Friday in conferences and working on proposals. I liked doing that and will plan on that schedule for the summer. The weather was a bit cool and over cast with peeks at the sun. Each week there are a few more boats in the water and the marina's are active with owners preparing their craft for the season and lots of fresh faces in he café. Invites to go sailing were received and noncommittal acceptances were made in and around much flirting.

Mirelle came over for dinner Saturday evening and spent the night as her husband was off on a boy's weekend. She's become my convenient lover and I like that. In the morning I awoke sobbing, not for any reason except I was teary. Possibly it was related to my period being due or something that is bothering me that hasn't reached my conscience. She comforted me and kissed the tears away and I was reminded about how much I enjoy sleeping with someone.

Her relationship with her husband is interesting, what she describes would be an 'open' marriage, but she doesn't get into claims of polyamory or other justifications. Just old fashioned hedonism and lust. He would like a threesome, or to have me for himself. But I'm not getting the chance to choose as she is keeping me for herself and I see no reason to go around her. I enjoy our idles.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use to masturbate to your blog posts all the time. But lately I cannot get a hard on from reading your blog. Please go back to hooking!

3:30 AM  
Anonymous SD said...

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12:59 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Ah the French, so uneeding of explanations about such things! Easy peasy.

And what, masturbatory fantasies lacking on the net? What are you, 12? People with no fingers can do this in less time it takes to walk the dog, as it were. Cheers, 'VJ'

1:44 AM  

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