Thursday, June 20, 2013

Noted the news report that a court ruled, that in general interns need to be paid. When Kim & Co. received our first inquiries regarding internships I decided that the interns would be paid and that we would have a procedure for selecting and utilizing them. This came from my own internship experience that promised all sorts of experience and I was effectively and unpaid flunkie.

The selection, utilization and payment of interns was also one of Grace and my first disagreements on how to run the business after we acquired the US company.  Presently we have two interns in Paris with Mandy (more on her later) soon to arrive.

Kenny and Catherine have pretty high expectations for their kids and last winter the expectation was set that the twins would be involved in either volunteer work or career exploration for at least 4 weeks during the summer. It was anticipated that two weeks would be a mission trip with their church's youth group and something else. Abby signed up for this and asked my aunt and cousin to help her find a placement in healthcare (she wants to be a physician) for a few weeks in DC. Mandy had other ideas and wanted to come to Paris and intern with Kim & Co.

She contacted me and I agreed provisionally, pending her submitting an objectives proposal for her time here. This surprised her, but not as much as my instructions to submit it to Mimi for review. This is our standard procedure and since interns rolls up into operations, Mimi makes the final determination. She and I conferred and we decided to adjust our standards in consideration of Mandy's age. M's big shock was being rejected, her second one was after asking me to review her proposal, receiving a critique that was longer than he proposal. After getting over her surprise, she resubmitted the proposal and Mimi accepted it.

Mandy arrives tomorrow and will be staying at her grandfather's, much to her chagrin, as she wanted to stay with me. Dad grumbled a bit when the request came as he and Juliette planned to spend the summer at the farm, but he'd never deny his eldest grandchild (by a few minutes). Juliette is delighted to have a jeune fille in the house as the teen years are her favorite. By the time M leaves, she'll be a Frenchy.



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