Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Retirement is hard

There was much I liked about my prior life and some that I'd come to disdain, recruitment, particularly. That was my reason for quitting. My clients took the news with appropriate regrets and best wishes and most went away to new lovers, but some are prodigal sons or maybe bad pennies for whom change is hard.

Some companions upon retirement simply shutter their website, others put up a retirement banner and some add a tag inviting past clients to contact them.  I did them all, but I've never gotten around to closing the email and google voice accounts that I used. In part as a hedge if I returned to the biz and to allow former friends and associates to reach me.

It took about a year for the, "would you consider…" and "It would make me very happy…" emails started arriving. I deferred, but some are persistent. Sweet words from all and two dozen long stem roses sent to office as an enticement to come to Monte Carlo later in the summer from one. A regular drip of short poems via email from another hoping for an evening here from another.

Late this afternoon I'll slip out to the spa for a buff and shine and then home for a bath. I've selected my dress, sleeveless with a a V-neck and deep V back in black, as well as my lingerie. Only my shoes are to be decided, that and whether I will wear my hair up or down (I'm leaning toward up).

A taxi is scheduled to pick me up at seven to transport me to the Mandarin, where the gentleman stays. We will meet at Bar 8 and go to dinner. He told me the restaurant is a surprise, but I suspect it will be La Dame de Pic a newish property opened by  chef, Anne-Sophie Pic. He raves about her restaurant, ASP BRP in Lausanne and hasn't been to La Dame.

If the weather was pleasant, we could walk back from dinner, but it is raining now and the forecast for this evening is dry, but cool. Europe has had a horrible spring weather wise and summer is starting out the same way. If the past is the predictor of the future, the gentleman will leave for his appointment around eight and I'll follow with in the hour. My overnight valise is packed with a T, wrap skirt, sandals and a clothes bag with hanger and I'll stop at my apartment before going to the office in the morning.

My fee has been deposited and now it is time to head to the office. I've a lot to do before slipping into the past.



Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

Are you doing this because you want to or because you need to?

5:58 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Robert, it has been a long time since I needed money from gentlemen.

11:45 AM  
Blogger J said...

I'm thinking this must be a VERY special monsieur from the past.


3:54 AM  

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