Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Summer has come to the little village on the bay. The cottages are open and the moorings filled with boats. The streets are teeming with tourists and summer people. Mirelle was too busy selling art work to have coffee with Mandy and me when we stopped to say hello.

This is also the weekend for the summer opening bash, that is referred to as the orgiastic summer party. My guess is that some time in the past the party slipped into an orgy and the participants have been waiting and hoping for it to happen again. I'll need to wait till next year to find out the truth.

Mandy had a choice, go with her grandfather and Juliette to the farm or join me, the water's edge was her selection. She misses her sister, they miss each other. Dad commented that they speak several times a night and I've noticed that they check in with each other often. In the last couple of years they've developed discreet interests and friends but they've never been apart for more than a couple of days. The separation is probably good for them, but its hard.

She's also learning that Aunt and boss are not synonymous and having one doesn't guarantee dispensation from the other. She complained to her Mother that I'm demanding and have many expectations. Catherine reminded her that she set the expectations herself and that I was simply fulfilling my half of the agreement. She's a good kid and comes around, but at times she's simply a fifteen year old.

I'm in NY for a few days before the family holiday get together in the Hamptons. Dad will bring Juliette and Mandy Wednesday and she and I will return to Paris on Sunday.



Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

My son has worked indirectly for his aunt for 12 years. There is actually two layers of management between them. It should be interesting when she retires this summer. Actually, it has never been a personnel problem.

6:32 PM  

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