Sunday, August 25, 2013

Except for a few days in Monaco and a quick trip to Paris for a meeting, I've been ensconced at the village house since Mandy went home with plans to stay till the end of the month. Most of my time has been spent working, but I've take advantage of teleconferences with clients in the US and working on a project for a client that has required several meetings with prospective partners and suppliers in SE Asia to shift my work to the evening and early morning. Most days I've managed to find time to surf and I'm taking sailing lessons with a new found group of women friends.

The trip to Paris was for a necessary meeting, but it was my only reason for being there and a long way to go for a couple of hour meeting. Fortunately, scheduling was flexible and I was able to take advantage of a standing invitation from someone who summers here to hitch a ride in his plane. His summer place is a large sailboat, which I've been out on a few times with a group of friends. As convenient as flying back and forth would be, I've been reluctant to take him up on the offer without good reason. As fortune would have it, he was going to Paris around the time I needed to be there and was happy to have me along.



Anonymous VJ said...

They say fortune favors a prepared mind. Indeed:

Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

10:47 AM  

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