Sunday, August 11, 2013

Found this earlier in my mailbox.
Long time reader, first time writer, I think. How do you go about seducing younger women? Any lessons for a 40 something divorcee?

A couple of questions come to mind, how young, and 40 something close to 50 or 40 something close to 40?

That to be settled… Many 30 something women have come to the realization that they need to settle for 40 something man, as our contemporaries are chasing 20 something women. No reason you can't find a match there.

Younger? Well grad student types have the same needs as everyone else, just less time. A low maintenance, attractive guy who is not seeking a commitment can be of interest.

Younger still? During college, I was a server, hostess and bartender at the same restaurant for nearly 4 years and a good number of my peers had brief flings with men about 20 years their senior. Consider it carving a notch in the bed pole if you will. These flings seldom lasted long and the women tried only one or two older guys before satisfying their curiosity.

You've heard of sugar babies I'm sure. The dance is a bit different and has its own frustrations, but opening your wallet can, ahem, lead to spreading of her legs. 

Seduction of course is only getting someone to do something that they already want to do. So if you're attractive, dress well and respectful the rest will follow with the proper opportunity.
Good luck.



Anonymous La. said...

If she's a divorcee though then the gender-specific advice given for a man wouldn't be the same. Or do you think the same points apply?

7:14 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Hi La,

The inquiry came from a man, so the advice was from that perspective.

For a woman the advice would differ. Given the horn dog nature of young men, luring one to bed can be as simple as breaking out that come hither look.

A interesting twist would be if our newly unencumbered woman were seeking the company of a jeune fille rather than a jeune homme. I would need to ponder that some more.

Considering my own disastrous fling with a woman in her late 30's when I was 19, my motivations weren't that much different than my friends who were notching the bedpost. A difference being I allowed myself to get emotionally involved and they simply moved on.

Of my own seduction of a 20-ish woman, I flirted with her for months before she felt comfortable enough to become involved with me. Alas for me the chase was the motivation and I quickly moved on, which was another reminder of my not so nice side.


1:10 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

The thrill of the chase being one thing. The other is toleration too. I can no longer stand or put up with much of what passes for 'wisdom' or even 'conversation' from much of the 20 or even 30 something set of females. It's not that they're inchoate as they are incomprehensible from any logical or rational perspective. All too many of them just make so little sense most of the time. And they're just clueless about everything. It's like talking to a teen from my day. Not at all attractive in so many ways. So I'm amused by hearing of their antics, but even the very smart ones leave a bit to be desired. It's like they're missing that crucial 'logic chip' we were issued by the age of 20 something. Or carefully developed/cultivated. Most of the young don't even seem to bother or want to even 'go there'. They remain blissfully ignorant of the world & how it works, and expect that someone will always 'manage for them'. Err, NO. Not going to happen. Some wise up by 40 something, but by then they're played out mostly and deeply cynical and often embittered. Naturally this is true of the single mums too. I knew one who was a middle class white gal wondering where all the 'good guys' were when she was a mum of 4 from 3 different guys. Really? Running for the hills darling! Running for their very lives, no matter how young, cute & beautiful you imagine you are.

Geez, the delusions are just rampant. Everywhere! Cheers, 'VJ'

10:28 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

VJ, you've officially crossed over to grumpy old manhood :)


12:57 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Oh no darlin', I've happily been a grumpy 'ol man all my damn life!! I've felt the same way basically since my early 20's when I finally started to figure things out. I'll give anyone the benefit of the doubt (a few times), but it's basically hopeless. Intelligence & rational 'common' sense have left the stage with most folks, and they never miss it either. Cheers, 'VJ'

5:30 AM  

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