Sunday, September 22, 2013

When I returned to my hotel Wednesday evening, there was a message from the desk saying that there was a envelope for me. I had it sent up and it was an invitation to a party on Saturday at a private home outside Milan. I recognized the name of the hosts, who were not of my normal circle, but of one that could further Kim & Co. As instructed, I texted my acceptance and began thinking about what to wear, the decision on my shoes made

Throughout the week, a gentleman had been flirting with me, which friends had noticed. One commenting at lunch that Signore R_____ appeared smitten with Kim, that generated a round of giggles at our table. Friday morning he approached me saying that he understood that I was attending the party and would I like a ride. I accepted and knew that the loop was closed and the small mystery of my invitation was solved, the gentleman and the hosts were close friends.
We met last evening in my hotel's lobby, our carriage being the gentleman''s older, but not yet vintage Ferrari, a 456 GT. I asked about the car and my companion explained that it was his favorite of several cars that he owns, and his first Ferrari. He bought it from the original owner when it was a year old and has used it as regular transportation ever since. He told me that it had over 100,000 kilometers on it and he admitted it had taken on the appearance of simply a used car, but he still enjoyed it. I smiled in appreciation of his enthusiasm. During the drive, I realized that I was warming to my new friend. 

The party included dinner for approximately 40 under a tent on the patio, the cooling evening air kept at bay by infrared heaters. Following dinner we returned to the house where my friend introduced me around. 



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omg SUPERcute shoes! xo eb

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