Thursday, October 17, 2013

The line for customs at Changi Airport was long and I was tired. My flight had been long and delayed due to the cyclone. I sensed someone staring at me and looked and it was Michel, a former client. He smiled and waved and I reciprocated.  There are times that I'm pulled aside for extended questioning at customs, since my traveller profile notes that I maybe a prostitute. I expected the treatment in Singapore and wasn't disappointed.

Finally, having cleared customs I found Michel waiting for me. I hadn't talked to him since he stopped seeing me and the only time I had seen him was in the Air France lounge at JFK. We greeted with air kisses all around and he asked what I was doing in Singapore, I told him and he asked about Kim & Co, so I gave him the elevator pitch. He offered me a ride into the city and I accepted. On the way he told me that he had relocated to Singapore as most of his business was now in Asia. We spoke more of Kim & Co and what I was doing in Asia myself and laughed when I told him about my travel schedule. "Welcome to international business," he said. As I was leaving the car he asked if I wanted to come for dinner the following evening, I accepted.

Sunday evening he sent a car around which brought me to a private home about 40 minutes from my hotel. The property was walled and gated with architecture of a Asian colonial motif, think faux American colonials in the Northeast or fake haciendas in southern California. A butler greeted me and took me to Michel's study. The garden doors were open so I walked out into the garden. The air was warm and moist and I thought looking around that I could get used to this life.

Michel came in and poured me a drink and we sat and talked, then butler knocked and informed us that dinner was ready. The cook assisted the butler is serving the meal and disappeared after dessert was served. Following the meal we returned to the garden, where Michel made his move and asked me to stay the night.

No money was offered or requested, Michel is someone whose company I would have kept without charging a fee. I assented  and we went up to his room. On the bed there were an array of toys, cuffs, nipple clamps, a vibrator etc. "As I recall," he remarked, "when last we were together, you were the whip hand."

That was true, while Michel wasn't the only client who I dominated, he was the only one with whom I'd submit, alternating being the top. It was an interesting night and I was sore the next day.

Friday I fly to Sydney.



Anonymous Elle said...

Sounds like a fun evening. Hope you enjoyed Sgp.

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