Thursday, November 07, 2013

A high school classmate reached out to me recently. Growing up we were friendly but not close and after graduation we lost contact. We reconnected after our 10 year reunion after she viewed the what's happening in Kim's life video that I sent in lieu of my attendance. Since that time we've exchanged messages every few months and recently she has asked my thoughts on various political events.

During the Presidential elections, she contacted me about organizing for Romney among the ex pats, having made an assumption that being a business owner I was an natural Mitt supporter. I gently disabused her of that error, explaining that despite my entrepreneurship, the idea of a Mitt presidency horrified me. In her recent contact she asked my views on the US healthcare debate.

While I find textual electronic communication convenient and efficient, I do like to speak with people, particularly when it is not someone with whom I have regular contact. So I suggested we find a time to talk on the phone and she accepted. That call happened last evening and after discussing healthcare she asked about about the NSA brouhaha. Somewhat naively inquiring, if I believed that my own calls had been tracked. I replied, "absolutely," which took her aback for a second and then she asked why I believed that.

"First of all, communication going in and out of the US has been tracked for a long time, so my calling or emailing the US would have been swept up." Then I went on to point out that my travels and dealings would cause a blip on the NSA radar and she asked how so. I explained that I've traveled to several Islamic countries over the last few hears and regularly have communications with individuals and businesses there. Additionally, I live in a multi-ethnic neighborhood and have regular contact with French-Moslems, as well as small, business investments in that community. She picked up on and acknowledged my pique regarding the conduct of the US government.



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