Friday, November 08, 2013

Maybe it's the travel, or that I've been away from home for so long that I'm not grounded or perhaps it is all of these and I'm in the Orient fired by a mood that hasn't been as elevated in a few years. The last few weeks have seemingly been ripped from the script of a Emmanuelle film. Michel, then Terry, a girl in Kulala Lampour who works for my client, Michel again, and last night a couple at a nearby table where I dined with my clients and one of my staff.

She caught my eye and we exchanged several glances across the room, a woman seated next to me, who works for my client, whispered to me that I had an admirer, making me blush  The woman leaned toward the fellow she was with and said something, he turned and looked back towards me and replied to her. A minute later he got up and walked to our table, he knew two of the men in our group and introductions were made. A few minutes later I excused myself and went to the loo and as I expected the woman followed directly. A conversation was begun, an invitation made and a business card provided.

They joined us for our post meal cocktail, "join us for a nightcap," she asked as our group was breaking up...



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... to be continued??


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