Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Over the weekend I called Dad to see how he was and to check on Wags, who, I'm missing a lot. I caught him driving home from the farm, that he had closed and was finally returning to Paris. When I dropped Wags on September 1st, it was at the farm rather than Paris as he decided to stay out there another couple of weeks. Then it was early October, then mid October…

Over the last few years he has enjoyed this place more than Paris, he putters in the garden and in the workshop that Juliette's grandfather built. Juliette
also loves the farm, but by mid-September is ready to return to the city and travel there over the weekends. Talking about Dad and his affinity for the place, she shakes her head and says it took her two tries, but she finally married her father.

I believe a big reason why Dad likes it there is that he has made the acquaintance of 5 other retired university professors who meet for coffee and breakfast nearly everyday and frequently socialize with their spouses. Each morning he loads the dogs into the old Land Rover and drives into town to meet his friends. He's happy and healthy, nothing else matters.



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