Thursday, November 21, 2013

The moon was coming up as the taxi was leaving CDG. The horrible typhoon in the Philippines cut my trip short. Rather than traveling home from Manila after meetings, I left from Shanghai.

Everything you've read about the air pollution in Shanghai (and other Chinese cities) is untrue, the reality is worse. That's the negative side, the city is vibrant and the people friendly and inquisitive, but I don't know how they can have a successful economy and have those conditions. After leaving Bangkok, I traveled to Hanoi, where Kim & Co's agent lives with her Australian husband. She is a long time friend and the sister of a former lover. There was a weekend there and a couple of meetings on Monday before flying to China.

When I arrived at my apartment I was tempted to curl up with a cup of tea, but the place was empty without Wags, so I drove out to Neuilly to get him. It was nice to see dad and Juliette, but I really wanted to get home and have that tea.



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