Thursday, December 12, 2013

It was before 10 when I ducked into the cafe-bar to see if he was there, he was, at a table in the back with several other men. When turning to return to the lobby, I bumped into a man who had stepped in front of me. He apologized profusely, it was an attempt to gain my attention. I smiled and averted my eyes, he was handsome and tempting.

With Christmas in two weeks, the lobby and the cafe, were decked out for the season. At the desk, I asked if an envelope had been left and with the key in hand I headed for the elevator.

The room was of nice size divided into a sleeping and a sitting area, that featured a fireplace at one end. On the cushion of the divan, was an envelope, picking it up I felt its thickness and placed it in my purse. After dumping the contents of my carryall on the bed I got undressed and put on the sheer nighty and mules. Normally not my style and in fact a bit tacky, though it is La Perla and a gift from him. A woman should always wear the gifts from her men in their presence, at least once anyway. In the bath I touched up my makeup and then returned to the divan and stretched out with a copy of Vogue to wait for him.

We had met over a year earlier at a business function. He hit on me and rather than knee him in the nuts and run for the hills, I flirted back. Somehow he determined my identity and called me at the office, we had lunch and in a conversation that continued over a couple of weeks he explained that he was seeking a special friend, that he was generous, there would be an allowance. My, but I'm not that kind of woman objection was ignored, and the offer increased.

Finally an agreement, that he unilaterally amended, substituting the envelope for the allowance. A power move to let me know that he was in charge and that I was his whore. No matter, the money spends the same.

He's no prize, 60-ish and looking everyday of it and slightly overweight. Did I mentioned he was married? A plus is that he can manage and sustain a decent erection, reviving dead soldiers is a lot of work. Our relationship has been episodic and I hadn't seen him since August when he showed up at the village house more or less unannounced, and causing no small amount of gossip. I believed that this relationship was behind me till he called.

Hearing the lock being worked I sat up, discarding the magazine and then put on my biggest, brightest smile to greet him. He sat next to me and told me how happy he was that I could see him, and thanked me for being available on such short notice. He had only called me around 19:00. We chatted some and knowing he was partial to blow jobs, I began massaging his crotch as I kissed him. Wait he said let's shower first. Go on I told him, but my joining him was his desire. Ugh, the thought of him groping me in the shower creeped me out. I can't explain why that is, but I managed to hide my feelings and off went the night.

Around 2:00 he sent me home as I expected he would. A woman crossing a hotel lobby at that time is noticed so I moved quickly out the door and down the sidewalk, Marty, my Miata was parked on a side street. it was cold and I was grateful for the car's heated seats. By the time I gave Wags a quick walk and I was ready for bed, it was 3:00. The envelope was on my nightstand and I opened it and counted the bills, he is generous.



Anonymous VJ said...

Old habits die hardest. Yet still Bertie himself is enjoying a bit of an unexpected revival too, for just 'being himself', and openly enjoying some lusty 'continental delights', among many others of his fancy.

Everything old is new again. Merry X-Mass & Cheers, 'VJ'

11:00 AM  

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