Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Our New Years Eve celebrations started with a floating party between a dozen houses. Mine was among the first and the group of 30-ish floated in I put out a cheese plate and some wine in preparation. After about 15-20 minutes we moved off to the next house leaving the mess for the morning.

At midnight the lantern dropped and we all went home.

Anne Marie and Hannah have returned to Paris, I'm staying here till Sunday. When they get home they need to break up the house, decide what they are taking and put the rest in storage. Since getting out of school AM has worked in hospitality for one of the major groups. It is normal in these jobs for the employee to move every couple of years, often internationally. AM has been able to subvert the system, staying in Paris by delaying the move till a similar position opened in the Paris area or going between the corporate and property sides of the business. But last winter, her luck ran out and she was told that she needed to take a position at a property in the US.

Hannah was game and planned to use the opportunity to return to graduate school, but that got complicated and she couldn't start in September as she hoped. AM skated and got a few months longer to decide and then business realities intruded and the positions she would need to choose from were filled. That wouldn't last and what opened might not be as advantageous, but without Hannah in school, her visa would only be 90 days. That changed this summer with the Supreme Court's ruling on DOMA and France removing the ban on same-sex couples marrying.

I grieving Anne Marie's move already, for me the good news is that she will be in NYC and I get there regularly.



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