Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Saturday morning Hannah left in Buster bound for her parent's home. Buster again seeing moving van duty for the boxes that are to be stored. Hannah plans to spend a few days with her family and Anne Marie was too busy finishing up several projects at work to find time to go.

After Hannah left, AM and I went out for  breakfast in preparation for a day of power shopping. As we were finishing our coffee she asked me if I remembered the first time we did the soldes? I must have looked at her quizzically because she prompted me to remember, and I did. Oh God.

It was my first summer in Paris, my life was coming together, I'd found the apartment in the 19th with Elyce, I'd developed several close friendships and a handsome, sweet boy was wooing me. Oh, and I had money. The sales had just started and AM and I were checking things out, most everything in the shop we were in was more money than we would spend, but it was fun looking. I was going through a rack in a boutique near Les Deux Magots, when a woman pulled my arm, I looked at her and said something, she was in her 40's and attractive. "Salope," she said. I looked at her wondering what was going on, "What?" Then fumbling for the French, "quelle? Salope she said said again followed by a stream of words I barely comprehended. Now I could sense AM at my side. Though my French was a work in progress, I knew that she was calling me a slut, but I had no idea who she was. Finally I came up with the French for who are you, and when she responded with her name and that she was the wife of some guy who I went out with the preceding winter.

My first 8 months in Paris were eventful, my hospitalization for anxiety and depression followed by a manic rebound that was marked by promiscuity. As my friend Carole put it, when she warned me away from her husband Tomas, I appeared to hate men, unless they were married and then I hurled myself at them. I hadn't haven't slept with Tomas, but there were others that I favored.

I can be good a diffusing situations or I can throw gas on the fire and in this case I chose gas commenting on her fitness as a wife and woman. She reared back to slap me and I punched her in the stomach. AM trying to intervened took the slap on the side of the head. Others restrained the woman, while Anne Marie and a shop employee dragged me kicking and screaming outside.

We both expressed the desire that Saturday would be without dramatics and it was.



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