Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anne Marie and Hannah, dropped me at my hotel Sunday evening. We had a wonderful weekend skiing in Vermont. We stayed in Stowe, but not is some cute country inn, but at a condo. This way we could bring Sophie, AM's dog, who has had her world turned upside down with the move.

I came in Thursday and we went up Thursday night and skied alpine, Friday and Saturday. Sunday we skied nordic, which gave Hannah a chance to leave us panting at her heels.

These two are settling into their new place in Brooklyn. When they came to NY to look for apartments, they were shown several high rises in Manhattan, they hated them.  A conversation with the agent took them across the river, were they found a place in a six-plex that is short walk from a commercial district and the subway. The neighborhood is very Paris like, in that is low rise buildings and walkable. Their place has lots of wonderful woodwork and a small yard that is used by the buildings 4 dogs, so Sophie has a new social circle.

In the morning, Grace and I head for Los Angeles and three days of meetings. It will be interesting.



Anonymous Robert Taylor said...

I have always loved Stowe. One of my late aunts owned a ski lodge there about forty years ago. When my grandmother turned 90, we had a family reunion at The Yodeler. I don't know if the Yodeler is still there. I have never skied there but I have been to the summits of Spruce Peak and Mount Mansfield in summer.

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