Friday, February 14, 2014

Particularly Valentine's Day. He'll have sent you flowers of course and if he is at all worthwhile, some expensive bauble. He'll express his regrets that he will be with his wife, rather than you. Who he professes that he truly loves.

You even avoid being out with your singleton friends and faux celebration of loneliness. You're not really unattached and beside they really don't approve of your arrangement and you have an unspoken agreement amongst them, not bring it up.

So you sit at home binging on a combination of Hulu and ice cream and promise yourself that the next holiday will be different. Though you know that this is a lie.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try to remember: honey is bee vomit.

And so to you, "Sweet nothings, bee barf, my bee barf."


2:23 AM  

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