Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Perhaps Arizonans would be happy if gays had their own entrance.
My mother grew up in the south, during the civil rights era and would tell me her memories of that time. I asked her once if my grandparents had been segregationists, and she told me they were. Mom assured me that they now believed in equality and that they were wrong. I was young then, maybe 12, and I couldn't reconcile that these two people who I loved so much had once held those views. The next time I saw them I asked them about it. It took them aback, but they gathered their thoughts and explained that this is what they grew up with and that, at the time, they believed that this was how society was meant to be. They went on to say they were wrong and that those beliefs and the actions that they took as a result, had been sins. Sins that they repented and hoped they would receive forgiveness.
Their words, mollified me at the time, though I came to understand that life is a lot more complicated than atwelve year old mind can comprehend, even a precocious . It continued to horrify me that members of my family held those beliefs, along with the knowledge, that my ancestors were slaveholders. 
Regarding Arizona, I get tired of hearing, "we're not really like this, we're horrified at what our legislature did." Fuck you.
Oh and that picture is much better than a thousand words in describing how terrible Jim Crow was.


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