Friday, February 28, 2014

Tuesday evening we had dinner at a Los Angeles, "place to be seen" restaurants. From the bar you have a view of the tables and from the tables, the bar. We were finishing and I was beat, I can manage the Paris - NY time shift, but Paris - LA had overwhelmed me.

We asked for our check and our server said that it had been taken care of and motioned toward the bar where two men watched us with interest, one whose face was familiar. On the way out we stopped to thank them, and as expected an invitation for a drink was offered. Before I could graciously refuse, Grace accepted, and sat down. I wasn't going to leave her, so I took the adjacent seat and the wingman engaged me. Nice guy that owns a couple of small businesses, out with his college buddy. After a few sips, I butted in and dragged Grace out.

In the car, she told me that Mr. Familiar had asked her to dinner on Wednesday. I turned toward her and looked at her profile, she wouldn't look at me, "Are you sure you won't regret that?" I asked. She didn't answer and then commented, "You seem to take your pleasures where you find them." I was watching the traffic out the window and the pedestrians on the sidewalks, "Many of my ex's will say that I believe fidelity is only an investment company, when they are being polite, and really mean that the think that I'm a lying slut. She didn't respond and we were quiet the remainder of the trip.

Wednesday was consumed with meetings and business. We had gone in separate directions and at the end of the day I texted her and asked if we could have an early dinner? She got back to me with, "Ur on ur own." That didn't make me happy, but at least I got to be early.

On Thursday, we were again pretty busy and stayed on task as we had flights, Grace home and me to Monterey to meet a college friend. Our first private time was in the car to the airport and I asked about dinner, fine she said and clammed up. She was quiet and consumed in her thoughts, finally breaking the silence with, "I didn't sleep with him." I was relieved at that and let her know that I supported her. She stayed quiet, till the car pulled up in front of the terminal and she looked at me and said, "Robert is cheating on me." I told her that I was sorry as the driver opened the door. She was sniffling, as we waited for our luggage and then went in. Just inside the terminal I asked how she knew and she gave me the usual list of suspect behaviors.

There wasn't much time to talk, both our flights were soon and we need to clear security and go to different ends of the terminal, so I gave her a hug and told that we'd talk.

I had been looking forward to this weekend, visiting with an college in a region that I'd never been. Now a cloud was hanging over the weekend. I need to call Leah.



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